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|AW, C’MON| 06/23/2011

Filed under: Sweet — |FreshHerbs| @ 5:39 pm

So here I sit, at the kitchen counter with the iBook, my after-work snack, and a sleeping ball of fur on my lap, and I’m bummed out. Had a training workshop at work today that was just really heavy. {sigh} |FreshHerbs| is supposed to be a lighthearted, creative endeavor and I’m just NOT in that frame of mind at the moment.

So, I’m thinking about what makes me happy — or trying to anyway — and it came to me. Props to Bakergirl here who recently shared this recipe for ::from-scratch-brown-sugar::. I mean, seriously?  Is it really that simple? Have I tried it yet, no, but how could you go wrong? I’m certainly going to the next time I encounter the need. Why have I been buying brown sugar all this time [thinking of that dried out crumbly mass that I recently threw in the trash after failed attempts to soften in the microwave] when I could have been making this fresh, perfect, delicious stuff? Honestly, just thought thought lightens my mood.

So comfort food, sure.  But comfort ingredients? (Apologies to those who view brown sugar as an end unto itself and not simply a means to one.) I’m all for comfort ingredients. Those things that, just by their mere presence in a recipe, make you love it before you even taste it. Cilantro, cumin, aforementioned brown sugar, vanilla, mint, cream, banana, vodka, the list goes on.


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