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|THANK YOU GOAT| 06/23/2011

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…just realized I promised the recipe to my goat cheese and mushroom crostini from my inaugural post.  But first, a word on the title of my post. I have a niece who is a particularly picky eater. She likes chips, and sports drinks, and an occasional bite or three of whatever my mom-in-law has made for a family meal. So imagine my surprise when my hubs tells me that she adores goat cheese. What the what?! In fact, enjoys it so much (quite simply spread on crackers) that mom-in-law overheard her exclaim “thank you goat!” I couldn’t say it any better myself.

So a trip several months ago to a tiny little French bistro introduced hubs and I to an app that I simply had to try and recreate at home. It’s perfect with a glass of white wine (you’ll need some for the recipe anyway) and, being a texture girl myself, I just love the soft/crunchy/warm/fresh deliciousness of it all. So here’s my version::

1 fresh french baguette (I go from-scratch here, but store bought would work in a pinch)
1 small can of mushroom pieces (fresh also works, slightly different texture, but delicious)
2-3 sprigs |FreshHerbs| – I think thyme works best, parsley could be good too
1 Tb.ish of EVOO + EVOO in a Misto for baguette crostinis
1 Tb.ish of white wine (whatever you drink)
Goat cheese
little pat of butter (optional, to finish)
shallot (optional)


utensils: cutting board | sharp knife/bread knife | tablespoon | kitchen chopper | skillet | baking sheet | spatula/knife


Rinse your herbs and pat dry in a paper towel.

Slice baguette into about (10) 1/3 inch slices and arrange on baking sheet. Spray liberally with EVOO and broil in oven (I use my convection toaster oven). About 5-10 minutes depending on appliance used. You want a nice golden brown top.

Meanwhile, use your kitchen chopper to mince the mushrooms. If you use canned you’re golden. If you use fresh, you’re going to need to do these in batches. If you don’t have a hand kitchen chopper your ninja knife skills or a food processor will be fine.

In the skillet, heat 1 Tb oil and add mushrooms (shallots too if you have them). Saute for several minutes until mushrooms wilt (and shallots are transparent). Check your crostinis.  Are they ready? Strip or mince your herb(s) of choice and add to skillet with wine. Saute some more.

Meanwhile, take your crostinis and smear them (to taste) with goat cheese. Leave them on a pretty plate begging for warm mushrooms. Go visit your mushrooms and add a little pat of butter to finish. You’ll be glad you did.

Top your crostinis with the mushroom mixture. Pour glass of wine. Cook often and eat well!


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