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|MAMARITAS!| 07/09/2012

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Ok, so it’s summer…and I’m preggo. That means no Blue Moons and no frozen margaritas. {sad face} …but that doesn’t mean I can’t liven up my beverages, I just need to make them without alcohol. Honestly, after trying this mamarita, I didn’t really miss the tequila (and tequila is my FAVORITE!). I did add extra lime to give it a kick and served it in a margarita glass (so it felt real). Even if you’re not preggo it’s a great way to use up a leftover watermelon from those summer picnics.

Meg’s Frozen Watermelon Mamarita
serves about 4-5 depending on serving size

1/2 to 2/3 of a watermelon quarter – cubed and frozen!! (if you’re not using a frozen watermelon you’ll need to add ice)
1 12 oz can of lime aid concentrate (frozen)
8 oz cranberry juice
4 oz orange juice

Add all ingredients to your blender and blend. You may need to add the watermelon cubes in stages. This will make a full blender carafe so cut recipe in half is you only want 2 servings or if you have a small blender. The amount of watermelon is just a personal choice and helps with the consistency by eliminating the need to ice cubes which will water down the finished beverage.

FOR A SINGLE SERVING: Add 1/4 of a cubed, frozen watermelon quarter; 5 oz cranberry juice, 2 oz orange juice, juice of 1/2 fresh squeezed lime. Blend and enjoy!



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I can’t even begin to describe how delicious and refreshing this was {licking my lips}! Mom had sent a huge watermelon because my Lily Belle loves watermelon…but when she left, I was left with half a melon…so what’s a girl to do but make…

Watermelon Margaritas

watermelon margaritas

Delightful frozen watermelon margaritas.

2 oz Tequila (I used silver)
2 oz Triple Sec (or other orange liqueur)
4 oz cranberry juice
1 fresh lime (about 3 Tb)
blender full of frozen cubes of watermelon

The ratios are to taste and strength, but I found this essentially 1:1 alcohol/non-alcohol mix to be just right. Make sure you throw your watermelon in well in advance so it’s nice and frozen, otherwise you’ll need to add ice cubes which I find just waters down the beverage (lots of recipes actually call for ice cubes, but you really don’t need them if you watermelon is nice and frozen). If the blend is too thick, just add splashes of cranberry juice until the mixture loosens up.

I stored the leftovers in the freezer and just thawed a bit before serving the next day…just as delicious!

(See Laura…I told you that there’d be cocktail recipes on this blog!)