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|HERB SOCIETY| 07/31/2011

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I know, I know… blatantly disregarding my duties as a blogger. That’s what happens when work and travel gets in the way. But I’ve been thinking about my next post, honest!

I don’t have a recipe at the moment because my fridge is barren. We’ve just returned from being away and I haven’t quite made it to the market yet. I do, however, want to share this great link:

My mom’s a member of this unit of the Herb Society of America, which is a great resource for herb lovers, growers, and users. The herb garden they’ve designed and maintain is inspiring.

So enjoy that for now…more to come in August, I promise!


|JUST SPROUTED| 06/22/2011

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Hi, and welcome to |Fresh Herbs| my blog about recipes using fresh ingredients and from scratch methods.  So why “fresh herbs?” Well, to tell you the truth I was surfing food blogs at lunch today {drool} and I was suddenly inspired to focus my newly found blogging inclination on what I love <recipes|food|eating|drinking>. So then, of course, I had to come up with a good name and I tried things like “cilantro” or “lime” but they all seemed to be taken.  So I walked out on my deck to pick some – you guessed it- |Fresh Herbs| and I thought “Hey! Maybe that’s it! Why limit myself to just a few flavors when I cook with so many?” Not to mention that I realized {sniffing cilantro scented hands} that nearly everything I make includes herbs in some way, shape, or form. So, that’s it. That’s the story. As I was munching on my ::goat cheese and mushroom crostini:: (recipe to come, still getting that hang of this blogging thing) I did a little research, chose WordPress (SFSG), and here we are.

Why a blog? Well, that also came to me as I was surfing other foodie blogs on my lunch hour. I’m forever searching for recipes that I love and I usually find those on the web. Well? What to do when I stumble upon these masterpieces? Where do I store them? How do I share them? How on earth will I remember where I found it, what it was called, or what I did to tweak it to my taste? The answer, dear readers, is |Fresh Herbs| — my glorified recipe catalog.

And now, it’s late, I’m way past my self-imposed computer curfew (insomniacs need those, you know). I’ll log this post   as a record for the deliciousness that is about to ensue, but not before giving a little shout out to my bestie Laura, who I’m furiously texting with right now because she lives so far away.