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|COOLER CORN| 09/09/2012

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Ok, so no photos for the last two posts…which in food blogging is probably a cardinal sin or something, but this isn’t a food blog! It’s a recipe catalogue! And this is a recipe I definitely don’t want to forget (which these days is par for the corse…and my mommy friends tell me that’ll never get better once this little guy arrives).

I actually entertained last weekend to say farewell to summer with a Labor Day picnic with just a few friends…picked up some end of summer corn on the cob and pulled out my largest pot…which wasn’t going to be big enough. Then I remembered running across the idea of cooler corn. Apparently a well known trick used by campers and outdoorsy folk…and after a sweep of the Internet (where every cooler corn recipe was virtually the same) down to the basement hubs went to grab a cooler.


Now, granted, the quality of the corn itself has a lot to do with how good this will turn out, but this summer corn has been particularly good.

1. In a clean cooler place shucked ears (I did 10)

2. In aforementioned pot (or several if you don’t have a big pot) bring water to a boil [note: if I was concerned about the sweetness of the corn I may added a little sugar to the boiling water]

3. Pour boiling water into cooler to cover all the corn, close the lid, and walk away for 30 mins. Finish getting the rest of the meal together, grill your food, or have a beer (or all 3 of those things)

4. After 30 mins use a pair of tongs and serve up the most tender corn you’ve ever eaten…you can’t over cook it and you can just leave it right in the cooler…it’ll stay hot and perfectly cooked.

This is a great way to do corn for a crowd, but the next time I’m cooking just a few ears I may just get the little cooler out!

[Cook often and eat well!]


|I’M BACK…I THINK| 06/26/2012

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I took an unintended hiatus because, well, I haven’t been cooking anything. There has literally been nothing to post. I’m pregnant and the miserable side effects of nausea, heartburn, etc. have been wreaking havoc on my usually stout constitution. I’m hoping to be back in some form as soon as I can will myself to eat more than cold cereal and boxed mac and cheese. Baby boy is due in October so my culinary forays will take on a whole new dimension.